Women - Grey - Kiss The Sky

  • 50 €

Let's take a trip to nowhere, a roadtrip to paradise.. journey into a landscape of pungent moss and spice.. a dreamland of mystic nature, an very stillness that falls.. before that brutal blow of thunder, the flash of light heavens call the gods are watching, skies' monsters beware still on the slide to dreamland, come with us if you dare...

PRING PARIS first collection of t-shirts tells of the journey into mystical nature where magic trees loom over fiery earth and gushing black streams, where piercing spectral sounds piece the pungent air... Each t-shirt presents a magical spell of sorts to ward off the darker elements in nature and bring good luck to the wearer. Choose from:
-"Merde heart (large)" and "triple merde heart" : "merde" means "good luck" and is perfect to ward off any bad fortune while being irreverent!
-"Kiss the sky" : also referencing Jimmy Hendrix's famed lyrics about being "under the influence", this t-shirt likens the experience of mystical nature to being under the influence of hallucinogenics.
-"Bad moon rising" : alludes to the spellbinding properties of the moon and its eery influence on us; also references the classic Creedence Clearwater Revival song.
-Memento: a fusion of 2 skulls create this motif--one from the earthly world with another from a transcendent realm. The meeting of the terrestrial with the divine is a palpable sentiment experienced while being immersed in nature. The skull motif also refers to the "vanitas" or "memento mori" genre of art history meant to evoke contemplations of mortality and the ephemerality of material objects.